The Delta Theta Phi Leadership Foundation

Our newest foundation was created to further the leadership opportunities and training

All members of Delta Theta Phi are encouraged to support the Leadership Foundation and its mission and programs through annual contributions. All contributions are deductible for estate and income tax purposes as permitted by law.*

What does the Leadership Foundation do?
To fulfill its mission, the Leadership Foundation raises money from members and other supporters and then gives that money away in the form of scholarships and grants for leadership training, and professional & educational programming of the Fraternity and its senates.

How do I contribute to the Leadership Foundation?
First, we urge you to pay your regular alumni dues to remain a member in good standing, which may be deductible as a business expense. Contributions for the potential charitable deduction may be made by sending your check made payable to The Delta Theta Phi Leadership Foundation, P O Box 117, Elyria, OH 44036. In addition, there are programs in place to endow specific named scholarships and grants.

* The Delta Theta Phi Leadership Foundation was formed as a corporation in January, 2007. An EIN was assigned by the IRS in January 2008. Form 1023, the Application for Recognition of Exemption under Section 501(c)(3), with supporting documentation, was filed in February 2008. This new foundation was granted the tax-exempt status on May 15, 2008 as a public charity, retroactive to January 2007.